I spent the last few nights polishing up a new submission for CRAN. I had planned to submit today. However I learned someone I greatly respect, whom I know to be almost certainly the most responsive and generous package maintainer in the #rstats community, has become the latest victim of CRAN irrationality and toxicity. I am sure he didn’t deserve to have his weekend ruined because one seemingly rogue administrator can elect to punish people without any accountabilty.

And what about the bystanders who are going to attend work tomorrow and find their builds are no longer reproducible, because a keystone package was archived? Do they deserve that punishment too?

I am withholding my submission for now. I am not sure what to do. I don’t want to enable this behaviour, but I also want to make a tool I am enjoying as accessible as possible. A lot of thoughts are swirling about this. There’s more to write with a cooler head.